What is Cortisol and Why Should You Care?

Find yourself lashing out at somebody, stuck in anxiety, or fearful you’ll you’re your job? If so, you likely have stirred up a hormone in your cortisol.gifbrain that will work against relationships, courage, and well-being. Cortisol is the hormone that appears when we slip into stress,  when we feel angry or fearful, or when we respond to an email out of sheer frustration. It will shut down learning … and can cause depression.
Cortisol reduces your ability to learn and communicate. It’s what hits your brain along with that angry customer that finds you on a day when you’re tired or behind in your work.
Cortisol holds an important roles in your mind, but is meant to be very short term. It’s useful for treating allergies short term or for spiking your energy to survive a dangerous moment, lower sensitivity to pain, or getting you through a short term project. If you stress too much or grieve too long, however, you can easily maintain cortisol in harmful levels.
Prolonged levels in the bloodstream have negative effects and will:
1. Lower your immune system so you’ll get sick faster than others
2. Slow down your thinking
3. Create blood sugar imbalances
4. Raise your blood pressure
5. Weaken muscle tissue
6. Decrease bone density
7. Increase fat in the stomach areas
Find out quickly and discretely whether your Cortisol levels are outside of the optimum range through a simple in-home Saliva Test from BET Labs. When we call with your results, we provide and in-depth consultation to discuss treatment options if you are found to be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue.
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